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Making the Switch to a New Flight School

Guidance Aviation student pilot, Dan Clark

Current student Dan Clark describes what it was like to transfer to Guidance from another school, and what it’s been like since then.

Deciding to transfer from my prior flight school was a tough decision. However, I feel it was the single best decision I’ve made since deciding to become a helicopter pilot.

At my previous flight school, flying was no longer fun; instead it was a chore and most flights left you feeling down and worn out. Instructors were very unhappy and that attitude directly affected me and my fellow students. They were stressed out and unavailable outside of the flight block.

I felt like I was just a number—that my veteran benefits somehow belonged to them, and I had no business complaining since I wasn’t actually “paying” for it.

My experience here has been fantastic.

Since making my move to Guidance Aviation, all I can say is that it’s nothing at all like my former flight school. My experience here has been fantastic.

Students [at Guidance] are successful in achieving their goals. The staff here appears happy and energetic. I am excited to fly again and I look forward coming in and working hard to achieve my goals.

Guidance offered me unlimited access to their simulator, aircraft and free instructor tutoring—none of those could I get from my prior school. Guidance Aviation also has a present and positive relationship with the local community which I really like.

The instructors and staff are knowledgeable, friendly and I feel they genuinely care about you and your needs as a student pilot. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to get started on the right foot.

—Dan Clark

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