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Press Release 02.02.15 – LZ Network Launched

Guidance Aviation Launches Landing Zone “LZ”  Network

Prescott, AZ., February 04, 2015 – Guidance Aviation has officially announced the launch of its “LZ Network”, emphasizing off-airport operations and real world training. Students practice pinnacle landings, confined areas, and off-airport operations. Guidance has established off-airport LZ’s throughout the Prescott region, providing unique flight environments and real world challenges for students enrolled in the collegiate helicopter pilot program at Yavapai Community College. Development of the LZ Network was launched in the summer of 2013 and is now fully integrated into the helicopter flight training program at Guidance Aviation.

The primary helicopter flight training institution is also developing an off-airport LZ Network for students enrolled in the collegiate helicopter pilot program at Baton Rouge Community College, including landing on oil rig platforms.

Off-airport, over-water operations. Real world training.

“Flying helicopters airport to airport just doesn’t cut it in the commercial helicopter flight training world..Guidance Aviation provides real world experience and training… It takes a unique skill set, a unique perspective, and a unique kinesthetic sense. This is what Guidance Aviation is all about. Real World Training. Real World Skills,” states John Stonecipher, CEO, Guidance Aviation.

“The LZ network has been extremely beneficial in my development as a pilot. Overall, it was a huge learning experience, one I’ll never forget,” says Ben Lewis, CFI-I, Flight Instructor, Graduate, Guidance Aviation.

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