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Keeping the Prestige in Pilot


Guidance Aviation Pilot, Andrew Craw and his family relocated over 1700 miles for Andrew to attend the right flight school and to pursue his dream of becoming a Commercial Pilot. His dream is now becoming a reality.

As I sit with my wife and three year old son at the local airport restaurant, I can’t help but think of how much I was like him and many other young children across the world. He loves looking out the large windows, adamantly gazing into the sky and onto the runway with great anticipation. Suddenly, he excitedly yells, “Airplane!” as he watches the latest airplane take off from runway 21L at Prescott Love Field. I look out the window with as much excitement as he, trying to determine what aircraft is departing the runway and who is in the pilot seat. Where is the plane going? Is it an instructor and a new student just getting his feet wet? Is it a seasoned veteran departing on a long cross country flight, or a short flight to dine at a neighboring airport restaurant? Is it a commercial flight transporting cargo or passengers? Regardless of the pilot and the reason for the flight, my dream as a young boy comes alive flying. Aviation has been an unwavering staple in American society ever since its inception. Being a pilot encompasses much responsibility and honor. Anytime you see a pilot in uniform or talk to a pilot, whether military or civilian, there is an immediate correlation to high standards.

My son shouts, “Daddy! Look, a helicopter!” It’s a Guidance Helicopter to be exact.

Guidance Aviation is the school that I chose to pursue my dream of flying.

There are many flight schools to choose from across America, but few that I feel compare to the training I have received at Guidance. I chose Guidance because it is a company whose mindset regarding aviation is congruent with mine. High expectations and standards are to be upheld at all times in the aviation industry. To become a pilot requires one to put forth hours of hard work and dedication…two qualities that should also be expected from the company providing the training. I know that I can depend on everyone at Guidance Aviation to help me achieve my aviation goals. Guidance Aviation far exceeds other flight schools, from the top-notch maintenance personnel, to the instruction received by some of the best instructors, to the person at dispatch making sure everyone is completing their flights safely and on time. You see, being a pilot at Guidance isn’t about big egos and personal agendas, which is very easy to have in this profession. It’s about being the absolute best pilot that you can be and provide the absolute best training possible, all while having fun and respecting safety protocols so you can go home after living out your dream job each and every day. You can receive aviation training nearly anywhere, but know that at Guidance Aviation, you will be trained to a standard that will not only help you keep a steady hand and mind in a complicated flight situation, but also equip you with the knowledge and experience to prevent that trying flight situation.

Which brings me back to breakfast with my expectant wife and three year old son. Oh, I didn’t mention before, but we are expecting our second child in May and plan on having more children. I have a family that I plan to grow old with and provide for while living my dream of being a commercial pilot. You see, I packed up my wife of seven years, my then one-year- old son, quit the family business, and moved across the US from Indiana to Arizona to become a helicopter pilot. When making the choice to follow a dream or remain in my hometown near my immediate and distant family, friends, and a life that was well plotted, I chose to chase my dream. This is the very reason I moved my family over a distance of 1700 miles to start my training at Guidance Aviation in the spring of 2015.


Receiving great training isn’t just for you, the pilot, it’s for everyone who knows and cares for you, and for everyone who will entrust you with his or her life when you’re the Pilot In Command. And, this is what “Keeping the Prestige in Pilot” is all about and how you can continue to keep that legacy intact.

– Andrew Craw 

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