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Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight Training Crew Discovers Helicopter Accident Site and Pilot, Alive

Prescott, AZ., Tuesday, November  2011

It was another beautiful day in Prescott, AZ. Tuesday, November 15 as Guidance Aviation Helicopter Instructor Pilot Trent Jefferson, CFII,  and Guidance Aviation Helicopter Flight Student Tom Armstrong preflighted their Robinson   R44 for a flight from the Prescott Municipal Airport to the Grand Canyon (GCN) Airport.  But, nothing is ever routine in aviation and Wednesday was no exception as the Guidance Aviation Helicopter Pilots would discover.

Armstrong is a US Navy Veteran and certificated private pilot, helicopters, enrolled in the Yavapai College-Guidance Aviation Professional Helicopter Pilot Degree Program, working on his instrument rating.  The flight plan included a cross country flight from the Prescott Municipal airport (PRC) to the GCN.  After a full stop at GCN, it was off to Valle Airport (40G).

Upon providing their position report to Valle traffic, Valle personnel at the airport radioed back to the Guidance crew that there was that a helicopter down near their position.  Within 15 minutes, the Guidance crew found the aircraft.

Circling the helicopter on the ground, Guidance Instructor Pilot Trent Jefferson reported that the helicopter appeared to be a slightly on its side and could see the pilot in the cockpit, waving his hands.
The Guidance crew reported the Lat/Long position to authorities and within 15 minutes Angel Four and the Sheriff’s department were on the seen.
Guidance Aviation and Pilots extend their best wishes to the pilot, his family and company at this time.
Pending accident investigation, name of pilot and aircraft owner are not being released. 
Photos taken while circling the aircraft:

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