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Geena Yarbrough Has a Clean Obsession With Aviation

Welcome Geena Yarbrough to Guidance Aviation

Geena Yarbrough
Geena Yarbrough, Assistant to the CEO

She reads, writes, and speaks Japanese fluently as it was her first language. Born in California and raised in Kailua Hawaii, Geena Yarbrough is the latest addition to the Guidance Aviation staff, assisting the Chief Executive’s Office. A graduate of the University of Hawaii, Geena has family in Arizona, Hawaii, Japan, and a brother attending school in the Big Apple.

If not running or cooking, you’ll find Geena hanging out with her 10-year old “Labra-Collie”.  And, although she says she’s not a total aviation “wing-nut” or “rotor-head”, she admits to a prior obsession for airline soap, collecting a lot of it as a child. (An aviation soap fetish passes for “aviation nut” in our opinion – the great kind of aviation nut of course!).

“I heard about Guidance Aviation through one of the nearby colleges. I’m definitely looking forward to working in a challenging environment. I like to push myself and feel that working with GA will definitely propel me toward an exciting future,” states Yarbrough.

Geena, we are fortunate to have you and we welcome you to continue your obsession with airline soap – That’s the cleanest, and healthiest obsession we’ve ever heard of!!

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