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Clearance Delivery Frequency Installation at Prescott Airport

Prescott Tower is having a Clearance Delivery frequency installed some time
in January. The frequency is 119.25. There will be a NOTAM generated when
the frequency becomes usable for ATC.

The primary reasons for having a Clearance Delivery (CD) position staffed
are to:

1) Reduce frequency congestion
2) Reduce Ground Control’s workload
3) Reduce heads-down time and
4) Allow the Ground Controller to focus only on the movement of aircraft
and vehicles, thereby increasing safety and reducing delays.

We haven’t had a CD position at this airport before, so it’s going to be a
big change for everyone involved. There will undoubtedly be some growing

Our plan is to have all departures contact Clearance Delivery (when it is
staffed) before calling for taxi. Clearance Delivery will ensure you have
the correct ATIS information, ascertain your intentions (direction of
flight, pattern, etc.) write the departure flight progress strip, issue you
any additional information you need, issue you a clearance if applicable,
and tell you to contact Ground for taxi.

You will know if CD is staffed or not by listening to the ATIS broadcast.
It will either say “OUTBOUNDS CONTACT CLEARANCE DELIVERY 119.25”, (staffed)

For now, the only aircraft that will be exempt from calling Clearance
Delivery are Forest Service aircraft that are on a priority mission, and
lifeguard helicopters that intend to depart from the ramp.

For helicopters, we think it best that they call Clearance Delivery as soon
as the radios are powered up. This could be 10 minutes or more before
departure. Then they call Ground Control only when they’re ready to
depart. We realize this is going to create another frequency change, but
since the aircraft won’t be airborne yet, the impact should be very

Expect a NOTAM some time in mid to late January, and on either the next
round of publication changes or the one subsequent to that, expect the
frequency to show up in the pubs. We’re not sure which cutoff we made.

If you have questions, please call me at your convenience.  Thanks in advance for your help in making this a smooth transition.

Paul Winski
Air Traffic Manager
Prescott ATC Tower
(928) 445-2160 x161
FAX (928) 777-0764

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