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Blackhawk UH-60 Simulator

Want to fly a Blackhawk UH-60 helicopter?  That’s what Guidance Aviation flight instructors Ben Lewis and Erik Guldbrandsen did along with flight students Tony Foley—in the Blackhawk simulator that is!

Blackhawk-UH60-flight-simulator-Guidance-AviationThanks to Guidance Aviation flight student Tony Foley and his Army buddy Horace Brown, both former Army Blackhawk helicopter pilots, who arranged the SIM time at the Silver Bell Army National Guard Base, Pinal Airpark.

“After we arrived we were put into the simulator and shown how to fly the UH-60L Blackhawk. I have wanted to fly the Blackhawk since I first wanted to start flying, and it is my dream to fly for the Los Angeles County Fire Department which is the only civilian group to fly a variant of the Blackhawk called the S-70 Firehawk. So, this was an amazing day, we made tons of new contacts, and learned a lot about the systems and flight characteristics of the Hawk,” stated Ben Lewis, CFI-I, Guidance Aviation.

At the Silver Bell Army National Guard Base, they fly the UH-60 Blackhawk, OH-58, AH-64 Apache, and the new UH-72 Lakota helicopters.

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