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Baton Rouge Community College, Louisiana

Baton Rouge Community College Helicopter Pilot Operations Campus Tour

Take The Tour Then Get Your Rotor On at Baton Rouge Community College

Baton Rouge Community College Helicopter degreeCheck out the new Baton Rouge Community College (BRCC) Campus Tour Video with Kyle Guidry, BRCC helicopter flight student.  The video takes you through the overall layout of the campus, classroom facilities, gymnasium, and library where Guidry gets “shusshed”…

Check out the Baton Rouge Community College Aviation degree program HERE and check out the new video below!

Baton Rouge Community College Helicopter Pilot Operations Degree Program

BRCC now offers an Associate of Applied Science in Helicopter Pilot Operations. Graduates of this program will earn their Associate of Applied Science degree as well as become Certificated Flight Instructors with instrument rating, necessary to start their careers as professional helicopter pilots.

Want to Know More about Kyle’s Experiences as a Student Helicopter Pilot at BRCC??

Check out Kyle Guidry’s story HERE and his latest “student experiences” video below:



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