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Aviation Safety Stand Down Day in Prescott, AZ and Baton Rouge, LA

Aviation Safety Stand Down Day guests include speakers from PHI, Native Air, Tower, and FAASTeam members

aviation safety prism SMS guidance aviation helicopter flight schoolAviation Safety Stand Down Day is conducted three times per year at both Guidance Aviation helicopter flight training operations in Prescott, Arizona and Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Flying is discontinued for a day to discuss industry wide safety concerns.  Each semester guest speakers attend from the aviation community to talk to Guidance Aviation flight instructors about different safety matters.

On January 10, 2014, representatives from PHI, Native Air, PRC Tower, and three FAASTeam members will take part in the Prescott Safety Stand Down Day.

At the Prescott, AZ flight operations this semester the following is going to be covered:

  • Aviation risk reduction methods
  • Minimizing distractions in the cockpit
  • Aeronautical decision making
  • Implementation of the Phx Tracon in Prescott, Arizona

On January 16, 2014, the Baton Rouge flight operations will be conducting their Safety Stand Down and will be covering:

  • SMS Training (aviation risk reduction methods, minimizing distractions in the cockpit)
  • Antenna-wire strike avoidance
  • Safety concerns of the local Baton Rouge area

Safety Standardization and Continuous Education – Going Beyond Minimum Requirements

helicopter safety class, guidance aviation, safety stand down
Aviation Safety Stand Down Day, SMS training

In addtion to the Safety Stand Down Days, weekly safety meetings are conducted to keep Guidance Aviation staff up to date on the most recent safety information. During these weekly safety meetings, Guidance Aviation flight instructors review and discuss helicopter incidents and accidents within the industry, their causes, and how they could have been prevented. Our pilots also receive ongoing education on numerous topics including aerodynamics, IFR operations, advanced helicopter operations, company policies, and federal regulations.

Guidance Aviation believes accidents are preventable. We go beyond the minimum FAA requirements to uphold the highest level of safety and professionalism.

To read more on the Guidance Aviation Safety Management System, go to: Guidance Aviation SMS

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