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A Request to Arnold Schwarzenegger From Veterans and Helicopter Pilots

U.S. Military Veterans Enrolled in Collegiate Helicopter Pilot Training ask Arnold Schwarzenegger for a “GET TO THE CHOPPER” Shout-Out

U.S. Military Veterans enrolled in the Guidance Aviation helicopter pilot program are asking Arnold Schwarzenegger for a “Get To The Chopper” shout-out.  Will he respond?  Check out the video:

The term “Get to the chopper” was made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger (“Dutch”) in the movie “Predator”, released in 1987.

Do you have a better impersonation of Arnold yelling, “Get to the chopper!”. If you think you do, pick up your phone, record it, and post it to our Facebook Page! We’ll re-share it and just maybe Arnold will see it and give the Veterans back a, “Get To The Chopper!” Runnnn! Goooo!

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