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X-Plane, Laminar Research and Fly To Learn Join Guidance Aviation to Promote S.T.E.M. Education Globally acquired more support this week as X-Plane
( ), Laminar Research ( ) and Fly To Learn ( ) joined Guidance Aviation and other sponsors to take the around-the-world flight out of ground effect to support education, aviation and aerospace. is a non-profit effort to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M) education, aviation and aerospace through the “adventure of an around-the-world flight”, taking off in the Fall of 2013 from Honolulu, Hawaii.  The students will engage in educational “challenges” developed by Fly To Learn, found within Think Global Flight’s Student Command Centers.  The Fly To Learn curriculum is an inquiry-based S.T.E.M. program developed to excite and challenge students.

“No aviation experience is needed nor do you need special equipment so the sky is the limit! Teachers and administrators will find Fly To Learn fun to teach”, state Fly to Learn’s Randy Witt, also a partner in X-Plane.

Fly To Learn used in Think Global Flight’s
Student Command Centers

“Fly To Learn is the educational component that uses X-Plane to teach S.T.E.M. Education in the classroom.  We are excited about this new opportunity to reach kids worldwide,” remarks Austin Meyer, X-Plane Founder.

Think Global Flight’s Captain, Judy Rice, will be flying a Cirrus SR20 G3 complete with the Garmin Perspective.  The aircraft was donated for the around the world flight by Guidance Aviation of Prescott, Arizona.

“All the pieces are in place,” states Rice. “We have the aircraft, we have already signed up numerous schools both domestically and internationally, the sponsors are beginning to sign up and now we have the most important component provided by Fly To Learn, the education!”

Student Command Center 1.0
established at Central Florida
Aerospace Academy

“Fly To Learn and are a perfect fit to grow education and aviation. This is a natural progression for X-Plane and Laminar Research as we begin to build Fly to Learn and reach out to students and teachers globally promoting S.T.E.M.  This is exactly why we have brought Captain Judy Rice on board to help us develop our curriculum for Fly To Learn and we are exceptionally excited about the fantastic developments at”, states Randy Witt of Fly To Learn.

Personnel representing a Student Command Center
in Norway

“We are very excited about the progress we have made.  We are fortunate to have a dedicated marketing staff, also donated by Guidance Aviation to develop our marketing strategy, websites, brochures and manage our promotional goals to bring this effort to the teachers and students around the globe,” remarks Rice. “Moreover, this dedicated marketing effort is great for our sponsors. We will be promoting them around the world to future aviators, meteorologists, aerospace engineers, air traffic controllers and maybe even an astronaut or two.”

“We look forward to continuing to help Captain Rice build momentum for this effort and promote S.T.E.M. education, aviation and aerospace. We are lucky to be involved in such a great project,” remarks John Stonecipher, CEO, Guidance Aviation.
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Think Global Flight is a non-profit 501(c) 3 effort to promote education worldwide through the adventure of an around-the-world flight.  Captain Judy Rice is an experienced educator and aviator with a passion for teaching and aviation.  Think Global Flight is a 100% volunteer effort. All proceeds raised go to promotion of flight, flight support and logistics and of course, to the students.

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