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WWII Veteran, Ray Banks, Wins Piper Sport Flight and Red Bird Flight Simulator Demo
Check out the two Piper Sports at
Guidance Aviation
WWII Veteran, Ray Banks of Prescott, Arizona recently won a flight in the Piper Sport light sport aircraft as well as a demo in the Red Bird Motion Flight Simulator at Guidance Aviation of Prescott, Arizona.
With over 1,500 hours as a private pilot, Banks was excited to get back in the seat of the Piper Sport and begin flying again.  Banks was especially excited about the new sport pilot rules.
Banks didn’t quit after flying around the Prescott Airport in the Piper Sport.  He immediately jumped in the Red Bird Motion simulator at Guidance Aviation as seen in this video below:
Interested in Sport Pilot Training?  Contact Dave Roy, Guidance Aviation at 928-443-9370.
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