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Sport Pilot Training in Arizona

Sport pilot training in Arizona just got a little safer, and sweeter with the recent arrival of Guidance Aviation’s second Piper Sport, light sport aircraft, complete with Garmin 696, auto pilot, XM weather, leather seats and ballistic parachute.

“On our return trip from Florida to Arizona, what I liked the most was having the weather data on the Garmin 696, literally guiding us around the storms.  It gave us alot of confidence as we flew the Piper Sport across the country, says Chris Horton, GA Sales and Distribution Manager. 

“This is my second cross country trip in a Piper Sport and once again it has proven to me that the Piper Sport and the Czech Sport Aircraft, Sport Cruiser,  are reliable, safe and fun aircraft to fly.”

Want to know more about Sport Pilot Training in Arizona? Contact Guidance Aviation.

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