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Sport Pilot Training and Light Sport Aircraft Sales in Arizona Continue to Grow

Sport pilot training and light sport aircraft sales in Arizona grew more this week as a second Piper Sport ( light sport aircraft ) arrived in Prescott to support training and sales operations at Guidance Aviation and GA Sales.

“With growth in training and rentals, it was necessary to purchase another aircraft as the summer approaches and our demand for demos and airshows increases”, stated Chris Horton, Sales Manager of GA Sales and Distribution.

“In fact”, continues Horton, “There is a FAASTeam Seminar at the Prescott Airport June 25, 2011 and we’ll be having a raffle for a free demo ride in our newest Piper Sport, so all local pilots should come out and visit with us that Saturday.”

If you would like to know more about getting your private pilot or sport pilot certificate, contact Dave Roy, Chief Flight Instructor, Guidance Aviation at 928-443-9370.

Interested in knowing more about purchasing a light sport aircraft?  Contact Chris Horton, Manager, GA Sales and Distribution at 928-443-9370.

Also, check out our Contact Page.

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