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Search and Rescue Success No.3 in 2011 at Guidance Aviation

Search and Rescue pilots Billy Ringer, Chief Instructor Pilot, Guidance Aviation, and Kenan Bahadir, Instructor Pilot, Guidance Aviation, claimed another happy ending to a search and rescue when the Guidance helicopter flight crew found two men who were missing over night.

On October 18, 2011, Guidance Aviation was contacted by the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Offices (YCSO)
at 9:40am local time to conduct a search and rescue for two missing men.

The Guidance Aviation Search and Rescue Crew took off at 10:30am local time and traveled on a heading of 157 degrees for approximately 25 miles.  By 10:45am, contact was made with the two missing men and the Guidance Aviation Search and Rescue Crew successfully dropped a survival bag near the men on the ground.  The Guidance air crew then led the search and rescue ground crew to the location of the two men from the air.

Great job Billy Ringer and Kenan Bahadir of Guidance Aviation and YCSO!

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