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Rotor Gearbox: Evo Helmets

Rotorheads, Grab Your Gear! Introducing “Rotor Gearbox”

Guidance Aviation is dedicated to providing information on a variety of products and services available in helicopter aviation through a series of product reviews named “Rotor Gearbox”. We are excited to present the first of these reviews, Rotor Gearbox: Evo Helmets.

Rotor Gearbox Evo Helmets

rotor gearbox evo reviewer rob ardy
Featured “Rotor Gearbox-head”, Rob Ardy, CFI-I, professional helicopter pilot flying utility work.

Please Note: These reviews are in no way endorsements by Guidance Aviation or by the featured “reviewer”. Guidance Aviation and the “reviewer” have NOT received compensation for the review. These are strictly overviews of particular products and/or services for informational purposes only and do not intend to address suggested use, application, or benefits (or lack of benefits) in the use of these products or services.

We look forward to reviewing a variety of products throughout the helicopter industry and we welcome feedback and recommendations. Let’s start the conversation!

Know of a Product You’d Like Us to Review?

If you know of a product you’d like us to review, feel free to email your recommendation(s) to [email protected]. If we choose your recommendation, you may just win some Rotor Swag!

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rotor gearbox evo helmet

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