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Prescott Tower: NOTAM Issued, PRC Clearance Delivery Info

To All,

I called PRC AFSS this morning to issue a NOTAM that says 119.25 will be Prescott’s Clearance Delivery frequency effective at 1300 UTC on February 1, 2012. Barring any unforeseen problems, we will begin using that frequency tomorrow.

Please remind your folks that if the ATIS says: “OUTBOUNDS CONTACT CLEARANCE DELIVERY, ONE ONE NINER POINT TWO FIVE”, that is your clue that Clearance Delivery is staffed. If the ATIS says: “OUTBOUNDS ADVISE GROUND CONTROL DIRECTION OF DEPARTURE”, that is your clue that Clearance Delivery is not staffed but instead combined with Ground Control.

We have had successful radio checks on main and standby at all ramps, with the exception of a small portion of the Monarch ramp. We plan to get some checks there today.

Best regards,
Paul Winski
Air Traffic Manager
Prescott ATC Tower

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