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Movember no shave november

No Shave November is MOVEMBER

no shave novemberNo Shave November, or MOVEMBER, began in 2004, and according to the Wikipedia MOVEMBER page, “the Movember Foundation charity has run Movember events to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer and depression, in Australia and New Zealand. In 2007, events were launched in Ireland, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, El Salvador, Spain, the United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa, Taiwan, and the United States.”

Movember Encouraging The “Mo Bros”

By encouraging men, which the charity refers to as “Mo Bros”, to get involved, the Movember movement hopes to increase early detection and diagnosis while eventually reducing the number of preventable deaths.

Get Screened in No Shave November

Earlier in the year, Guidance Aviation held their annual All American Mustache contest.  In celebration of No Shave November and the movement Movember, here is another look at the Annual All American Mustache by Guidance Aviation (below).

Don’t forget, get screened for prostate cancer on a regular basis!  Check out the the Prostate Cancer Foundation Website or better yet, contact your physician to discuss your prostate health! WAY TO GO MO BROS!


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