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Guidance Aviation Helicopter Photo Contest – Weekly Update

These pics were uploaded to our Facebook Page:
The Winner gets $25 cash card and a GA ballcap:)  We will be announcing shortly.  The winner will also be entered into our YEARLY CONTEST with a BIG PRIZE to be announced in a couple of weeks.

Robinson 44
by Chris Buff

Cobra Gunship
by Chris Buff

MH-53 by
Chris Buff

Okay, this one doesn’t technically count for the photo contest, but we had to throw it in as we’re sort of proud of our Search and Rescue Pilots for the month:

Guidance Aviation’s Billy Ringer and Kenan Bahadir

MH-53 Sea Dragon
by E. Webster

Bell AH-1W Super Cobra
by M. Ottosen

Submitted by Stacia Bippus:
“Flying the 212 over the Arctic Ocean out of Prudhoe Bay.”

A Robinson sunrise 🙂

After another solo, Jesus Hernandez of the Yavapai College Professional Pilot Program-Helicopters at
at Guidance Aviation.

Submitted by Dora Negru

Submitted by Thad Torix

Submitted by Ames Meyer,
“Chopper 11”, Garland Heliport

Submitted by Mikey Pavlock

Submitted by Joseph Schonert
Yavapai College – Guidance Helicopters Flight Student

Submitted by Matt Ottosen
“Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion”

Submitted by Austin Sanderson
“Iraq Re-Supply”

Submitted by JJ Scoble
Yavapai College – Guidance Helicopters Flight Student

Submitted by Nathan Lyon
“Afghanistan, Helmand Province 2010”

Submitted by John Howell

Upload your photos by October 31st to:

Win a $25 cash card and a GA ballcap:)

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