The most comprehensive training available.

We are an FAA approved helicopter pilot training institution producing pilots who set the standard in the industry for professionalism and safety.

Creating exceptional pilots requires an exceptional company.

Our staff is the best of the best.

It takes a strong and efficient team effort to keep up the level of excellence Guidance has come to be known for, and our employees are the best around.

The Guidance Aviation staff presented themselves well …you could see things were highly organized, highly orchestrated, to a high degree of precision.

It's a well oiled machine… their values were in tune with my high standards.

Rendell Veldstra Guidance Graduate & Instructor Pilot

We strive to go above and beyond, not only in flight training but also in job performance and giving back to our community.

Guidance Aviation and its staff have been recognized regionally and nationally for excellence in various fields.

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A Brief History of Guidance.

Guidance Aviation was founded in 1998 with one helicopter and John Stonecipher working as the sole instructor pilot and employee.

Today, Guidance is recognized as a leading collegiate helicopter flight training academy with a fleet of twenty six aircraft, over one hundred employees, and hundreds of graduates working throughout
the aviation industry.