Test your Autorotation Skills at X-Copter’s Closest to the Pin Event in Prescott

X-Copter is sponsoring an autorotation challenge for pilots in the Prescott Area. No cost to enter. No training necessary. Have fun. Practice autorotations. Improve your skills. Each participant will receive an orientation on autorotations in the X-Copter Robinson-model simulator. Once you’re comfortable with the sim, you will be placed in a VFR scenario with an … Continued

Guidance Aviation Upgrades to New Flight Simulator

By Max Efrein, The Daily Courier Originally Published: March 6, 2016 mefrein     Using the new R44/R22 model X-Copter is nothing like playing an arcade video game at Chuck E. Cheese’s. “You’ll get so focused in there that you’ll actually start believing that you’re moving,” said Zack Hardwick, Assistant Chief Pilot for Guidance Aviation. … Continued

AZTV’s Morning Scramble Takes Flight with Guidance Aviation Charter

A crew from AZTV’s Morning Scramble visited the flight line Thursday to shoot a segment about Guidance Aviation Charter. GA’s Director of Flight Operations and Pilot Cody Cooper took the crew on a sunset flight around Prescott to give them a unique and exciting look at what we do. It was a pleasure and a … Continued

Prescott Helicopter Flight School Celebrates Student Achievements

Recently, we celebrated the start of the new semester and recent student pilot accomplishments of the Yavapai College helicopter aviation program. Here are some pics from our recent Student Recognition! Congrats to everyone! First Helicopter Solos Ebrahim Almualla Noah Wenger Private Pilot – Helicopters Erick Arzuaga Brian Ballard Justin Constantino Mikhail Kremer Kevin Martin Jaun … Continued

Tour Pilot & Guidance Graduate, Judd Rolfes Talks about His Experience

My name is Judd Rolfes, I’m a Guidance Aviation graduate, and I have been a tour pilot at Sundance Helicopters for a year and a half now. I was civilian-trained, and Guidance Aviation hired me on as a flight instructor [after I graduatd]. I taught there for about 22 months, before I moved on to … Continued

Miss Guided Soap Box Team Saves A Life and Finishes Strong at Red Bull

The Miss Guided Soap Box Team started the race by showing all Red Bull fans how emergency medical services (EMS) helicopter pilots save lives. After reviving a motorcycle accident victim, the crew jumps in the “choppa” and makes a dash for the finish line. Congrats to the crew for representing helicopter aviation at the Red … Continued

EMS Pilot and Guidance Aviation Graduate – This Could Be You

Last week we were celebrating the new career start of Wes Carter who is now flying a Channel 4 News helicopter. That’s a sweet job! Today, one of our graduates visited us in his shiny Bell aircraft. This time, it is an EMS (emergency medical services) helicopter flown by our own CJ Schnieder III. CJ, … Continued

Red Bull, Helicopters and Gladiators of Gravity

In August, four men valiantly suited up in their nomex helicopter flight suits and Red Bull Wings to shoot the gauntlet of competitors and hazards of mythic proportion to officially represent, for the first time since Igor Sikorsky’s first flight, the helicopter industry on the hallowed grounds of the Red Bull Soap Box Races. If you love … Continued